5 Things You Need to Create a Magazine-Worthy Playroom

5 Things You Need to Create a Magazine-Worthy Playroom

Whether you have a dedicated place in your house as a playroom or your living room doubles as play area for your kids, you can easily create a stylish yet affordable and functional space for your kids to play and for you to sit and relax (what? Moms are allowed to do that?) Read on for the five essential items you need for a play area that allows kids to play freely as though it’s their own kingdom and, by the same token, enables you to clean up easily at the end of the day.

1-      Storage shelf:

Even if you are embracing the minimalism approach to life, you can still find your house full of toys. Invest in storage shelf! You will never complain about having too much storage. The most budget friendly options is Ikea Kallax shelf which provides ample storage space and can be easily adapted to the layout of the room with its multiple configurations. You can place it vertically or horizontally, against the wall or to divide a big room into two sections and dedicate a kid-friendly zone for children.  

2 – Toy storage cubes

Use the maximum space offered by the shelf. Each compartment of the Ikea Kallax shelf is 13 inch in width, 13 inch in height and 13 inch in depth. Try to maximize the space that you can use by choosing baskets, bins, or cubes that are 13” x 13” x 13”. To fill the compartments, you can add a touch of style by choosing Hurricane Munchkin toy storage boxes which comes with a wide variety of cute animal patterns. Their design compliments any woodland theme playroom. They also fit perfectly into any Ikea Kallax shelves, leaving no space to waste.


3-      Comfortable and durable flooring

Plan for a play mat for the dedicated play area that is comfortable to play on and easy to maintain and clean. Accidents are expected to happen when children are playing. You want to choose a mat that can handle crayons or a spilled sippy cup.  A great option would be Yaymats play mats with multiple stylish designs to choose from that will fit into any playroom. Their interlocking foam puzzle play mat is soft, durable and water-resistant.

 4-      Inspirational wall arts

Printable artworks can go a long way to personalize the play area for your kids. They are also very versatile and budget friendly. With one-time investment in buying frames, you can freshen up the look of the playroom.  ArtPrintsFactory Offers tons of fun and unique prints that you can choose from that matches the style of any room.


5-      A few bigger toys as decor

Encourage your kids to recognize colors and shapes with developmental toys. You  can also use them as decor. Melissa & doug offers a variety of wooden toys that help build developmental skills. Their brightly colored blocks encourage shape and color recognition and problem-solving skills.