Best way to organize your kids playroom!

Best way to organize your kids playroom!

Everyone wants a clean and tidy house and all parents know that kids make that a hundred times harder to have. Whether it’s clothes, toys, food, school equipment or anything else, there just can’t be enough storage space for everything. Toys keep piling on and the floor is more of a minefield than carpet.


One way to tackle this problem is to create fun ways for kids to clean after themselves. Hurricanemunchkin’s toy storage boxes take a decent shot at this.

The dozens of various characters will inspire your kids to clean up, however impossible that may seem. They can learn to care for the their boxes, befriend them and give them names.

Kids love them and parents even more. They can serve as a mascot for each kid’s team. Whichever team picks more toys and cleans up the room faster is the winner. And if that doesn’t work and they don’t want to pick up their toys, tell them that their friend misses them in his box.



The great thing about their boxes is that they fit perfectly on IKEA shelves, so you can use the space wisely and decorate your kids’ room, all at the same time. You can also stack them on top of each other and use the vertical space of the room.



  You can pick the color and stylize them to fit the room and everything around it.

They look great, your kids will love them and you’ll have one less thing to do.