3 simple tips to get your kid to tidy up!

3 simple tips to get your kid to tidy up!

Playrooms are meant to get messy because let's face it kids have to be kids but introducing a few simple organizing habits to your kids early on can benefit them for years to come.


Use these tips to encourage your kids to organize their things.

Tip #1:

Assign values to their toys based on how often they are being used. Though kids may have a million toys, they can easily pick their favorites. Toys that score high on the liking scale are the ones that they take with all the time even for a quick stop at the grocery store. Encourage them to donate toys that they no longer use or use very rarely.

    Tip #2: Teach them that they can't save every little thing because of its sentimental values. We want to encourage them to have limited keepsakes.You can offer them a particular storage bin to store all the loved items that they want to keep as memories.


      Tip #3: Provide them with a storage box which they feel special about so you can make sure they’ll continue to put away their toys in their favorite box. Hurricane Munchkin offers cute toy storage boxes with animal pattern. Kids love bears - not just kids, more than half of American adults still have their childhood teddy bears. Find your kid's favorite animal in Hurricane Munchkin toy storage collection and encourage your kid to clean up using the animal storage box.